Our history

We are a family with the hope to turn our passion into a job and, as it happens in American ranches, we would love to do it all together.

In an increasingly frenetic world where technology is dominating our lives and leading us to unsustainable rhythms, we would like to offer a different concept. All sports or hobbies require time and dedication and Western Riding is no different. A sport that involves animals as well as people requires even more time and more dedication. In this sport, it is not enough to go there and start, as you have to respect the time your horse needs.

So we have to lower our engine revs and embrace a concept of time that follows the laws of nature if we want to feel better. This sport is a great way to realign ourselves with a healthier life.

Encouraging this activity is certainly one of our goals. We particularly like living in the open air among nature and animals, getting tired and dirty, feeling the sense of freedom that all of this gives you, and the authentic friendships that arise in this environment.

The relationship that is established with the horse is a continuous growth.

In any case, it is not just a sport but a real lifestyle and like any lifestyle, this requires a way of dressing and accessories for yourself and your horse.

With our website bandanashop.it, we would like to contribute to this lifestyle and we want to do it in two ways. The first is to import some products directly from the country of this practice, while others will be our creations branded Bandana.

We hope to involve you and to transmit all our passion. For those who already have this passion, we hope to be able to offer products which meet your taste and we will do our best to ensure that the service lives up to your expectations.


Andrea, Alessia, Emma, Giacomo, Caterina and Marta